Conditional sentences

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Conditional sentences by Mind Map: Conditional sentences

1. Zero Conditional

1.1. If you arrive early to work, I give you the punctuality voucher

1.2. If you expose an ice to the sun, it melts.

1.3. The people visit the doctor when an accident happens.

1.4. If you don't eat, you get sick.

1.5. When you throw water at the computer, it breaks down.

2. First conditional

2.1. If I have a healthy life, I get sick less.

2.2. If you meet the requirements, they may hire you.

2.3. If I finish my homework, I will go to my friend's house.

2.4. Unless my aunt finds herself in difficult situations, I will help her financially.

2.5. As long as you promise not to drink, your dad will lend you the car.