Bioethical Principles and Theories

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Bioethical Principles and Theories by Mind Map: Bioethical Principles and Theories

1. Prinicples

1.1. fidelity

1.1.1. deliver care with altruism, loyalty, caring, and honesty

1.2. beneficience

1.2.1. do good, prevent harm

1.3. justice

1.3.1. fairness, equals shall be treated equally

1.4. nonmaleficence

1.4.1. do no harm

1.5. veracity

1.5.1. be honest and tell the truth

1.6. autonomy

1.6.1. right to self and direct what happens to body

2. Theories

2.1. deontology

2.1.1. uses rules to distinguish right from wrong

2.2. utilitarianism

2.2.1. actions are right if benefits majority, greatest happiness for the greatest number

2.3. virtue

2.3.1. good actions are those that display virtuous character, like courage, loyalty, or wisdom

2.4. egosim

2.4.1. good is based on the pursuit of self-interest