Innovation in Education - Psych

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Innovation in Education - Psych by Mind Map: Innovation in Education - Psych

1. What is innovation in education?

1.1. Commitment to developing new teaching strategies and resources

1.2. Evidence-based strategies

1.3. Developing new strategies to tailor learning to individual needs

1.4. Improvement in teaching,

1.5. Incorporating life skills to student learning

2. What drives innovation and creativity in schools?

2.1. Fresh and new perspectives

2.2. Need for change and discover new opportunities.

2.3. the need for differentiation in classrooms

2.4. resources available for teachers and learners

3. Responding to 21st century learner needs

3.1. Digital literacy

3.2. globalised worldview

3.3. inclusion and equity

3.4. social & emotional learning skills

3.5. environmental stewardship & advocacy - climate change

4. What skills do teachers need?

4.1. Critical thinking skills

4.2. ICT Skills

4.3. Adaptability skills

4.4. Classroom Management Skills

4.5. Commitment to personal development

5. Potential constraints to innovation in schools

5.1. Old traditional views

5.2. Management (within school and government)

5.3. Access to resources

5.4. time

5.5. Curriculum

5.6. community feedback (parents)

5.7. Mindset

6. Key social developments influencing the curriculum

6.1. DEI awareness - Decolonisation curriculum

6.2. Wellbeing and mental health awareness

6.3. Climate Change/Sustainable education

6.4. Structure/definition of work and workforce

6.5. Political trends

6.6. Events that contain world wide impacts (e.g., World Wars)