Best things to do with\for your best friend on this friendship day

Friends are so precious. I mean, there is not a single debate on this topic. Giving them a unique gift is cool but you should also catch up and spend some time together. So, on this friendship day, why don’t we show them how important they actually are?Here are the few things you can do with\for your best friend on this friendship dayAnd visit for more

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Best things to do with\for your best friend on this friendship day by Mind Map: Best things to do with\for your best friend on this friendship day

1. 1) Binge watch your favorite series! How about getting together with some snacks, comfortable pajamas, maybe and spending chill time together binge watching a fun movie or TV series? This is an easy way to spend time together. Just put on Netflix or amazon prime and stream the show together! Friends, How I met your mother, Harry porter and MCU are my favorites.

2. 2) Explore a new city together One of the most fun things I’ve done with my best friend has been to explore a new city together. Trying to figure out where you’re on the map, taking a billion photos of yourselves in front of iconic spots, testing new funky restaurants and getting swept up in adventures. What is stopping you from having this experience with your best friend?

3. Unique and creative gift with a beautiful letter. Buy now and make their friendship day better.

4. 3) Going for shopping together Going shopping together with your best friend has been a popular bonding activity since at least the creation of shopping malls! But because of pandemic you can try online shopping too. You just need a phone with internet connection. Having your best friend there to support and encourage you with buying new outfits. Your good friend is best for telling you what absolutely does not fit you and what you totally should bring home with you. You cannot trust anybody more than him. *wink*

5. 4) Photo session together A fun way to immortalize your friendship is by taking selfies together. Or you could put on a whole photo shoot with a theme and outfits thought out in advance. Either going for a super silly look or your own fashion photo shoot! Once you have a load of selfies to choose from, print a few of them and form a lovely collage on your bedroom wall.

6. 5) Writing a letter to your best friend Writing a letter to your best friend? Obviously one of the best idea. Inside the letter you can share why they are important to you and your hopes for your friendship in the future. This is such a meaningful gesture. Also, send a present to your best friend along with that letter.