Digital Design- Reminder LP3 Mind Map

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Digital Design- Reminder LP3 Mind Map by Mind Map: Digital Design- Reminder LP3 Mind Map

1. Weather forecast Reminders

1.1. Products- A ring tone on the phone, that reminds you of the weather outside. Along with it, it recommends protection to take in case there are chances of high rain or sun. For example, an umbrella or sunscreen.

1.2. Target Audience- The target audience would be someone above 50 because they are the ones who need reminding when the weather changes. To add on, they can't come home quickly in case of rain.

2. Waking people up

2.1. Products- Annoying sound alarm which includes least favorite music, horror sounds, bomb timer, ringing timer, and an alarm clock that shouts multiplication tables. Water bucket alarm that sprays more water as time goes. Once you wake up you can switch both of them. An alarm that sounds like a foghorn with a built-in megaphone to sound so irritating. An alarm that's shouts out to wake up like in the military and until you stand in attention and tell yes sir!! and even if you go back to sleep it will shout again.

2.2. Target Audience- People from ages 10-30 because they are the people who need reminders for waking up. To add on, they are the perfect age to use the products. I say this referring to the amusing, irritating, and shocking effects of these products.

3. Event reminder

3.1. Products- A color-coded calendar with stickers that anyone what. they have to do in a day. This should also be printable because then anyone can stick it at their study place. To add on, we can make a robot that reminds people when important events are. We could also create an app where it would remind people when they are upcoming events, or we could simply create an alarm clock that will remind people to attend Upcoming Meetings or events. A simple product could be a to-do list, where you can always refer to and see upcoming events, meetings and Important ceremonies.

3.2. Target Audience- The target audience can be anyone from 10-60 years because they are either in school or office most of the time. This can dominate their lives. That is why, this calendar is made color-coded and fancy, so those people can mark time to excel at their hobbies and have fun.

4. Food and water

4.1. Products- A water bottle that has an animated voice that sits next to you during class/work. Every one hour, it will remind you to hydrate yourself. To add on, there could also be a calendar setting in which you can set what time you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4.2. Target Audience- The target audience can be anyone from 10-50, because they have the most work in lives, and can tend to forget about their health on the way.