Keepod IT Research with Shitf-IT

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Keepod IT Research with Shitf-IT by Mind Map: Keepod IT Research with Shitf-IT

1. Research Starts

1.1. Establish Connection with Rachael and ShiftIT

1.1.1. Interviewing the ShiftIT Guys Training Time of the Keepods FInd Best Time duration for the Idea to be implemented

1.2. Testing the Keepods

1.2.1. Train a Sample Data about 10 Students and see the Outcome of how fast theuy can Grasp the Keepods idea Provide the Feedback Report Writing

1.3. Quizzing the Students

1.4. Quizzing the Teachers

1.5. Quizzing the Community

2. Establish Communication with DMI University

2.1. See Possible ways that it can Help

3. Establish Connection between Me and URAC

3.1. See How Best to tackle the Issue at Hand

4. Month 2