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Brendan by Mind Map: Brendan

1. Student

1.1. Attended Community College of Vermont

1.1.1. Degree in Liberal Studies Transferred to Champlain College Working towards Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management

1.2. Graduated Burlington High School in 2002

2. Personal

2.1. Significant Other

2.1.1. Maryam Dating for 3 1/2 years Living together 1 1/2 years

2.2. Family

2.2.1. Father Eamon RN at FAHC

2.2.2. Mother Jean Loves Cooking and Angry Birds

2.2.3. Brother Kevan Fire Fighter

2.2.4. Brother Conor Construction Worker

2.3. Extended Family

2.3.1. Grandfather James P. Mahoney MD

2.3.2. Grandmother Rosemary Mahoney RN

2.3.3. Cousin TJ Donovan Running State's Attorney in Vermont

2.3.4. Grandfather Gerald Thibault Played Minor League Baseball for a year

3. Work

3.1. Is employed by Fletcher Allen Healthcare

3.1.1. Works in Operating Room Job Title: Patient Care Associate Start date: March, 2003 Assist Doctors and Nurses before, during and after surgery.

3.2. Former employee of Carolina's Medical Systems

3.2.1. Work at CMC - Main Located in Charlotte Worked in Operating Room Job Title: Operating Assistant II Employed for 2 years

3.3. Future

3.3.1. Wants to be a Administrator in a hospital

4. Residency

4.1. Born in Burlington, VT

4.2. Currently residing in Downtown Burlington, VT

4.3. Moved to Charlotte, NC in 2007

4.3.1. Worked in Operating Room at CMC in Charlotte, NC Moved back to Burlington, VT in 2009 to attend College full-time

5. Entertainment

5.1. Reading

5.1.1. Favorite Books Game of Thrones series Brave New World Things Fall Apart Sandman Y: The Last Man

5.2. TV

5.2.1. Comedy Central The Daily Show Colbert Report Workaholics Tosh.O

5.2.2. HBO Game of Thrones Eastbound and Down True Blood Curb Your Enthusiasm

5.2.3. AMC Mad Men Walking Dead Breaking Bad

5.2.4. FX Archer It's Always Sunny in Philidephia

5.3. Movies

5.3.1. Comedy The Big Lebowski Step Brothers AnchorMan Super Troopers The Hangover

5.3.2. Drama The Departed City of God The Dark Knight Braveheart

5.3.3. Action Avatar The Warriors

5.4. Sports

5.4.1. Football Notre Dame Football New England Patriots Cleveland Browns

5.4.2. Basketball Boston Celtics

5.4.3. Baseball Boston Red Sox

5.5. Music

5.5.1. Classic Rock

5.5.2. Country

5.5.3. Hip Hop

5.5.4. Neo Soul

5.5.5. Reggae

5.5.6. Dubstep

6. Inspirational People

6.1. Robert Kennedy

6.2. Epicurus

6.2.1. First goal in life: BE HAPPY!

6.3. FDR

6.4. JFK

6.5. Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

6.6. Norman Borlaug

6.6.1. Saved over a billion people worldwide from starvation!

6.7. John Lennon

6.7.1. Imagine.

6.8. Noam Chomsky

7. Activities

7.1. Researching

7.1.1. I get lost on Wikipedia

7.2. Traveling

7.2.1. Been to Mexico Ireland Canada Florida

7.2.2. On the to do list EVERYWHERE!

7.3. Dancing

7.4. Bikram Yoga

7.5. Basketball

8. Fun Facts!

8.1. I stand 6 foot 5 inches tall

8.2. I was on State Champions Teams in Basketball and Football in High School

8.3. I will put pepper on vanilla ice cream