Photograph analyzation

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Photograph analyzation by Mind Map: Photograph analyzation

1. 1. Brain Storming

2. Setting creteria for the workshop

3. Thinking on a idea keeping the creteria in mind

4. Short listing 3 to 4 ideas

5. Finalizing an idea keeping the creteria in the mind

6. 2. Planning

7. Deciding the target audience

8. Finalizing on the duration of the workshop

9. Planning the schedule of the workshop

10. Dividing ourselves in groups and working on different things

11. Dividing the work

12. 3. Executing work

13. Making posters and advertising the workshop

14. Planning activities for the session

15. Creating a document for the planning of the session

16. Taking surveys

17. Creating a final schedule according to the number of students

18. Distribution of the course

19. Planning the course for the workshop

20. Making a document of the course

21. Creating a reference material

22. 4. Reflection/ Evaluation

23. Starting the workshop

24. After the workshop ends evaluate it

25. Preparing a feedback form after the workshop ends

26. Preparing a form for students to enroll in the workshop

27. Planning an outcome for the workshop

28. Sharing the feedback form to the people who had enrolled

29. Asking teachers and students on how could we have improved it

30. Documenting the workshop and collecting all the outcomes in a Google drive