Cultural magazines in times of war

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Cultural magazines in times of war by Mind Map: Cultural magazines in times of war

1. From the cult to the warrior past and the epic monuments that apply to speeches identity of nation-states, until the roots of metaphors enemy military and war in public discourse around crime or disease, the warlike is revealed as a plot ubiquitous, of enormous semantic vigor and full of validity

2. Component central to the imaginary of catastrophe, the war has long questioned to philosophers, historians and artists, who have attempted to dissect the engine of material destruction and annihilation of the other, while record the scope of horror and trauma

3. In recent times, warlike phenomena have come attracting renewed attention in academia, in part, to root of the urgency and centrality of studies on violence, but also due to renovation of military history.

4. It was essential, for these purposes, broadening the prospects of study. What was once described as a very limited discipline in the field of humanities now it is delimited as a field multidisciplinary that incorporates anthropological, social trends and cultural

5. That opening of new horizons to think about the warlike phenomena, coupled with the profusion of writings, speeches and images around these, enable the question for the paper of intellectuals, institutions cultural and printed in times conflict.

6. Student: Roberto Manuel García Estrada 5*3 Moraes Medina, M., & Arenas Deleón, N. (2021). Revistas culturales en tiempos de guerra. Humanidades: revista de la Universidad de Montevideo, 9.