Human Resource Functions

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Human Resource Functions by Mind Map: Human Resource Functions

1. Compensation

1.1. Employees are rewarded depending on performance

1.2. Incentives are a good way of letting employees know they are doing well

2. Recruitment & Selection

2.1. Have trained people for the job

2.2. Make sure they have the appropriate personnel for the job

3. Employee & Labor Relations

3.1. Employees have a good communication with their employers

3.2. Company knows what is needed from their employees perspective

4. Safety & Health

4.1. Health insurance is available for employees

4.2. Employees have proper safety equipment

5. Training & Development

5.1. They are able to give the necessary training for the job

5.2. Develop proper training for employees depending on company updates and performance

6. Terminate Employee Contracts When Necessary

6.1. Company don’t waste valuable resources on people with poor performance

6.2. Opportunity for company development