Going concern

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Going concern by Mind Map: Going concern

1. Directors’ vs auditors’ responsibilities

2. Audit objectives and responsibilities

3. Quick overview

4. Scope and definitions

4.1. Scope

4.2. Key definitions

5. Accounting requirements

6. Documentation

7. Current issues and further resources

7.1. Current issues

7.2. Further resources

8. Regulator findings

8.1. FRC thematic review

8.2. FRC guidance

9. Audit procedures

9.1. Risk assessment procedures and related activities

9.2. Entity’s assessment of going concern

9.3. Evaluating the entity’s assessment of going concern

9.4. Evaluating sufficiency and appropriateness

9.5. Events after the period

10. Financial statements

10.1. Disclosures

10.2. Auditor’s report

10.3. Consolidated financial statements

10.4. Entities applying the UK Corporate Governance Code

11. Communication with those charged with governance