Airport Operations

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Airport Operations by Mind Map: Airport Operations

1. [A] Book On:15/20min Prior To Arrival

1.1. [A1] Per Turn Flight

1.1.1. [A1i] Perform Turn Services - Book Off [A1ii] End Service - Regular [A1ii-a] Bill Per Turn [A1ii-b] Continue Service - (Extended Delay) [A1ii-c] Pay: From [A] to [A1i]

1.2. [A2] Chartered Flight

1.2.1. [A2i] Adhoc 'Services' as Flights [A2ii] Bill to Goddard End [A2iii] Payroll: Normal End

2. [B] Land Side - Book On/Off Normal Operations

2.1. [B1] Bill & Pay Normal

2.1.1. End