Environmental problems

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Environmental problems by Mind Map: Environmental problems

1. Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural activites

1.1. damage air

1.2. pollute water systerm

1.3. toxic chemical -> contaminate nearby rivers

1.4. human health

2. emission

2.1. Exhaust emission/fumes from vehicles

2.2. cacbon dioxide emission/harmful smoke from industrial factories

2.2.1. Thick smog Reduce visibility Respiratory diseases ( asthma ) air quality

2.3. Fossil fuel combustion from industrial activities

3. Climate change

3.1. Global warming

3.2. Extreme weather conditions ( severe drought , acid rain )

3.2.1. unpredictable

3.2.2. Extreme

4. Waste

4.1. Plastic waste incineration in landfills

4.1.1. release/emit air pollutants (CO2-SO2, methance) Air quality

4.1.2. non-biodegradeble

4.2. release Industrial/chemical waste from (steel) factories into water source [ the dumping of ../ the incorrect waste disposal]

4.2.1. aquatic ecosystem the survival of aquatic creatures drinking water for human

5. Cut down trees

5.1. make room for industrial factories + residential areas.

5.1.1. soil erosion

5.1.2. more frequent extreme weather conditions

6. Environmentally-friendly means of transport (buses, subways )

6.1. produce smaller quantities od pollutants

7. improve waste treatment technology

8. be restricted /introduce form of punishment

9. Use alternative/sustainable energy sources (solar - wind power )

10. Increase taxes on car ownership

11. Restrict the use of plastic products

12. heighten people's awareness

13. Separating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste

13.1. takes days for waste recycling plants to achieve the same task