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RUN by Mind Map: RUN

1. Run down = decrease, worsen, look for, look through

2. Run up = increase, raise (a bill), approach quickly

3. Run into = enter smth, meet, bump into, more negative

4. Run out = exit quickly, expire (license), to be exhausted (oil)

5. Run off = leave quickly, the water run off the rocks, print

6. Run on = to stay, continue, to operate, the car runs on the juice

7. Run over = to cross the point, the rabbit got run over (переехать), exceeding the budget

8. Run through = to move from the start to the finish, to stab with sword, run through the book hastily, summarise the presentation, continue rehearse, quickly spend

9. Run across = run across the frozen lake, run across the street, find=discover unexpectedly. Run into=Run across

10. Run away = escape, run off