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Ancylostoma by Mind Map: Ancylostoma

1. Skin

1.1. Irritation Itching 2ry infaction Scaratching

2. Pulmonary

2.1. Fever Dyspnea Cough Asthma Sputum in lung

3. Intestinal

3.1. Anemia ( Hypochromic microcytic) Pullor skin شحوب الجلد Palpitationرفرفة القلب Easy fatigability تعب بسرعة Dyspnea on exertion نهجان > المجهود Puffy face وجهه منتفخ NVDA Melena

4. Complications

4.1. Growth retardatio تأخر النمو

5. Strongloids

5.1. Dermatitis Larva currens Smptoms of anal itching

5.2. Loeffler $ شديدة جدًا اكثر من ascaris -ancylostoma بسبب autoinfection

5.3. NVDA Opportunitic parasite I.C نقص المناعة Perforation Peritonitis Bloody diarrhea Desntry