True Bacteria

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True Bacteria by Mind Map: True Bacteria

1. have prokaryotic cells.

1.1. Nutrition

1.1.1. Heterotrophs Cannot synthesize own food saprobes Someparasites

1.1.2. Autotrophs Synthesize organic compounds from simple inorganic substances Purple sulfur bacteria Purple nonsulfur bacteria Green sulfur bacteria

2. Occur primarily in three forms

2.1. Cocci

2.1.1. Spherical or elliptical

2.2. Bacilli

2.2.1. Rod-shaped or cylindrical

2.3. Spirilla

2.3.1. Helix or spiral

3. Phylum Bacteriophyta

4. True bacteria and disease:

4.1. Coughs, sneezes - Saliva droplets contain bacteria.

5. Reaction of cell walls to dye

5.1. Gram-negative

5.2. Gram-positive

6. True bacteria useful to humans:

6.1. Biological control organisms

6.2. Bioremediation

6.3. Used for elimination of yeast infections

7. Cyanobacteria

7.1. Blue-Green Bacteria

7.2. have chlorophyll a and oxygen is produced from photosynthesis.

7.3. both fix nitrogen and produce oxygen.