The 4 skills

The 4 skills

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The 4 skills by Mind Map: The 4 skills

1. Reading

1.1. Extensive

1.1.1. What to read Authentic materials Graded readers My own texts

1.1.2. How to read Visible thinking activities Exploiting the whole text

1.2. Intensive

1.2.1. The teacher's role Pre teaching Intensive reading techniques Pre reading While reading After reading

1.2.2. The vocabulary question While reading After reading

1.2.3. The students' involvement Motivation and Engagement Visible thinking activities

1.2.4. Listening to a Podcast

2. Interactive communication

2.1. Topic development

2.2. Initiating and responding

3. Pictureless listening with music

4. Productive skills

4.1. Writing

4.1.1. Literacy Handwriting Spelling Layout Capitalization and punctuation

4.1.2. Approaches to writing Process and product Genre Descriptive Narrative Expository Technical Poetic Collaborative and Individual writing

4.2. Speaking

4.2.1. Elements of speaking Pronunciation features Discourse management Cohesion Coherence Context and Audience/Interlocutor Relevance Extent Grammatical resource Accuracy Range

4.2.2. The teacher's role Feedback provider Motivator Prompter

4.2.3. Lexical resource Appropriacy Range

5. Receptive skills

5.1. Listening to a radio programme and news broadcasts

5.2. Listening

5.2.1. Intensive Listening for gist Listening for specific information

5.2.2. Listening to recordings

5.2.3. Live listening Reading aloud Story telling Interviews Conversations Announcements

6. Is watching films and video a 5th skill?

6.1. Viewing techniques

6.1.1. Fast forward

6.1.2. Silent viewing for language

6.1.3. Silent viewing for music

6.1.4. Freeze frame

6.1.5. Partial viewing

6.1.6. Pictureless listening with language

6.1.7. Pictureless listening with sound effects

6.1.8. Picture or speech