Boarding Coordinator

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Boarding Coordinator by Mind Map: Boarding Coordinator

1. Communication with Stakeholders

1.1. NYGBS

1.1.1. Personal home defects & repairs

1.1.2. Issues Room allocation & key issuance Rules & Regulation compliance Room defects & repairs Meal consumption & tabulation Vacation storage Usage of facilities Track, basketball court, music room & study room Boarder's information COVID-19 restrictions compliance

1.1.3. Frequency As Required

1.2. Oldham Hall

1.2.1. Means Email Whassap Chats Head Mistress Dy Headmaster Admin Officer

1.2.2. Issues Boarder admission to facility Health issues Disciplinary issues Administrative processes

1.3. Parents/Guardians

1.3.1. Frequency As required

1.3.2. Means Instant Messaging Platforms through the main boarding line (9007 3047) Line WeChat Whassap Viber [email protected] [email protected] Microsoft Teams Google Meet

1.3.3. Issues Updates on Boarder Wellbeing and Performance Disciplinary matters Boarder involved in an incident with potential disciplinary outcome e.g bullying, fighting, hygiene and cleanliness Administrative matters School bus, change in policies (min 1 mth notice), vacation plans, weekend stay-out notice, boarding academic-recreational activities. Health related matters Boarder fell ill, medication issuance, medical appts

1.4. Boarders

1.4.1. Means Telegram Platform (9007 3047) General Chatgroup SAIS Boarders Channel ASI Boarders Channel Individual Chats Face to Face conversations School email

1.4.2. Frequency Daily

1.5. Potential Boarders

1.5.1. Means AIS/SAIS Boarding Email Video Call via messaging platforms (9007 3047) Answering queries and clarifying doubts regarding the boarding rules & regulations, facility and processes. Virtual/Video Facility Tour (For NYGBS facility)

1.5.2. Frequency Avg. once bi-weekly

2. Administrative Tasks Performed

2.1. Updating of boarders particulars & data

2.2. Scheduling of casual staff for duties

2.3. Sourcing of casual staff for employment

2.4. Communication to school and parents

2.5. Ensured Cosy room is operational and staffed throughout the day

2.6. Ensured boarding main line is manned 24/7

2.7. Scheduling of medical appointments

2.8. Applying for reentry permit for boarders on vacation

2.9. Planning of activities

2.10. Receiving permission from parents for weekend stay-out

2.11. Issuing Exit permission slips for weekday and weekend exits

2.12. Coordination meetings with NYGBS

2.13. Policy writing and fine-tuning

3. Operational Tasks Performed

3.1. Bring sick boarders to clinic

3.1.1. 1-2 times a week Avg waiting time - 1hr

3.2. Accompany boarders for medical appointments

3.2.1. 1-2 times a week Avg waiting time - 2.5hrs

3.3. Accompany NYGBS staff for room inspections and repairs

3.3.1. 1-2 times every 2 weeks Avg time - 4 hrs

3.4. Conduct of activities

3.4.1. School term Weekdays Archery Tag Supper Club Ball games Boarding Hunt

3.4.2. School holidays

3.5. Room checks

3.5.1. Conducted Mon, Wed & Fri Avg time - 2 hrs

3.6. Medication

3.6.1. Issuance of medication Issued individually 2-4 times a day Boarder's personal stash Taken in view of boarding staff

3.6.2. Checking fresh boarders for medication Medication brought from home country Check-in with school nurse for banned substances/medication

3.7. Study Session

3.7.1. 1730hrs - 1930hrs Non-compulsory self-study

3.7.2. 1930hrs - 2100hrs Compulsory self-study Staff manned session

3.8. Maintenance

3.8.1. Common room Cleanliness Optimal arrangement

3.8.2. Equipment Upkeep and repair

4. Duty Hours

4.1. Morning call

4.1.1. 0630hrs

4.2. Afternoon

4.2.1. 0720hrs - Board Bus

4.2.2. 0900hrs - Administrative Work

4.2.3. 1600hrs - Boarders return

4.2.4. 1830hrs - Self-study session

4.2.5. 1930hrs - Mandatory study session

4.3. Bedtime

4.3.1. G6-8 - 2130hrs

4.3.2. G9-10 - 2230hrs

4.3.3. G11-12 - 2300hrs

4.4. Night checks

4.4.1. 2330hrs

4.5. Vacation/Breaks/Weekends

4.5.1. Public Holidays on standby or not taken

4.5.2. Weekends On standby, partially working or not taken

4.6. Casual Staff

4.6.1. 2 rotating shifts AM: 0830hrs - 1730hrs PM: 1730hrs - 0830hrs Overnight Stay

5. Pastoral Care

5.1. Engagement with boarders when they return from school

5.2. Attending to disciplinary issues

5.2.1. Investigating offences

5.2.2. Speaking to affected parties

5.2.3. Intervention strategies

5.3. Attending to pastoral issues

5.3.1. Counseling boarders

5.3.2. Checking on complaints from boarders

5.4. Dispensing medication to boarders

6. Mental Health

6.1. AIS

6.1.1. Boarders are encouraged to speak to any available staff School nurse Developed a boarding medical program School counsellor

6.2. SAIS

6.2.1. Boarders are encouraged to speak to any available staff School counsellor

6.3. Staff

6.3.1. Nil