Protagonist Personality

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Protagonist Personality by Mind Map: Protagonist Personality

1. Introduction

1.1. Characteristics

1.1.1. Leaders

1.1.2. Thoughtful

1.1.3. Idealistic

1.2. Secret weapon

1.2.1. Their purity of intent

1.3. Behavior

1.3.1. They speak up when something is injust

1.3.2. They like to help others to solve their problems Feel fulfillment

1.3.3. They are motivated by a sincer wish to do the right thing

2. Strengths and weaknesses

2.1. Weaknesses

2.1.1. Unrealistic

2.1.2. Overly idealistic

2.1.3. Condescending

2.1.4. Intensive

2.1.5. Overly emphatetic

2.2. Strenghts

2.2.1. Reliable

2.2.2. Passionate They do almost everything with enthusiasm

2.2.3. Altruistic

2.2.4. Charismatic

2.2.5. Receptive They listen to other ones ideas even when they desagree

3. Carreer paths

3.1. They love to help people

3.2. They can ecxel in nearly any people oriented-field

3.3. No matter what carrear they have, they want to improve people's lives

3.4. Challenges motivate them

3.5. They can feel frustrated when they can't see progress on their missions

3.6. They find compatible

3.6.1. Big ambitions

3.6.2. Desire to serve others

4. Friendships

4.1. Connecting with other ones makes them feel purposeful

4.2. They keep staying close with friends

4.3. They like to share with different types of people

4.4. They open up just with friends

4.4.1. Dreams

4.4.2. Vulnerabilities

4.5. They want their friends to succeed

4.6. They stay when times are rough

5. This map was made thanks to the information given in 16 personalities. Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice | 16Personalities