What is social media

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What is social media by Mind Map: What is social media

1. Best understand as a group of online media

1.1. Participation

1.2. Openness

1.3. Conversation

1.4. Community

1.5. Connectedness

2. Basic forms of social media there are 6 kind of it.

2.1. Social Networks

2.1.1. How social media works Mash-ups The combination of two or more pieces of content is one of the phenomena in social media. There are hundreds of mash-ups of the Google Earth service. A popular type of mash-ups cannibalises different pieces of content Like popular video on youtube The sprawling blog network. People joining a social connecting to friends and contacts in the network, Social networks on the web are like contained versions network usually create a profile and then build a network by

2.2. Blogs

2.2.1. How blogs work At its simplest, a blog is an online journal where the entries are published with the most recent first. There are a number of features that make blogs noteworthy and different to other websites Tone Topic Links and trackbacks Comments Subscription

2.3. Wikis

2.3.1. How WIKIS WORK Wikis are websites that allow people to contribute or edit content on them.

2.4. Podcasts

2.4.1. How PODCASTS WORK Podcasts are audio or video files that are published on the internet and that users can subscribe to.

2.5. Forums

2.5.1. How FORUMS WORK Internet forums are the longest established form of online social media. They most commonly exist around specific topics and interests,

2.6. Content communities

2.6.1. How CONTENT COMMUNITIES WORK Content communities look a bit like social networks – you have to register, you get a home page and you can make connections with friends.

2.7. Microblogging

2.7.1. How MICRO-BLOGGING WORKS Micro-blogging is tool that combines elements of blogging with instant messaging and social networking.

3. Production and Distribution

3.1. Media production

3.1.1. Rather than asking, “Are blogs a fad?” or “How much of this is hype?” it’s more useful to look at the fundamentals behind the phenomenal growth of social media.

3.2. Distribution

3.2.1. Production, obviously, is only half of the story. What good is great content unless you can get it to people?

4. Different types of blogs

4.1. Personal blogs

4.2. Political blogs

4.3. Business blogs

4.4. ‘Almost media’ blogs

4.5. Mainstream media blogs


5.1. One of the biggest online marvels to capture the imagination of the traditional media is Second Life.

5.2. It’s an online computer game, but is perhaps better understood as an online virtual world.


6.1. iCrossing, formerly known as Spannerworks in the UK,

6.2. global digital marketing company that combines talent and technology

6.3. to help world-class brands find and connect with their customers.