High Team Engagement

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High Team Engagement by Mind Map: High Team Engagement

1. Team Meetings

1.1. Dedicated meetings 1:1 and as a group clear agenda, involving team discussion

1.2. Engagement from team members during 1:1 meeting by proposing questions such as "what matters most to you", and "what can we do better"

1.3. Once monthly team building exercise such as picnic at the park to encourage relationship building between staff

2. Improvement opportunities

2.1. Clear pathways for staff to earn promotions such as clinical ladders and career development goals

2.2. Education provided to staff through lunch and learn programs to improve knowledge and skill set

2.3. Goal setting with individual team members, capturing their personal goals and reviewing areas of opportunity for improvment

3. Building trust

3.1. Actively listening to team concerns

3.2. Following up after conversations to promote clear communication and documented refrence

3.3. Compassion. Giving grace to staff when warranted, promoting flexibility to protect them during difficult situations