Reported Speech

Reported Speech

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Reported Speech by Mind Map: Reported Speech

1. Examples

1.1. i don't like this book --> He said he didn't like the book.

1.2. You can start eating --> He said we could start eating.

1.3. She'll be angry --> I told him she'd be angry.

1.4. I'm watching TV. --> He said he was watching TV.

1.5. I'm not going to sleep. --> He said he wasn't going to sleep.

1.6. I saw you break it. --> She said she'd seen me break it.

2. We use the verbs say and tell in the past simple. Include the person who was spoken to:

2.1. My sister said(that) .....

2.2. My sister told me (that)...

2.3. We can also include that before the reported words - however, it's not necessary.

3. When we talk what someone said in the past, we often use reported speech.

3.1. I don't know what happened.(direct speech)

3.2. She said she didn't know what had happened. (reported speech)

4. Direct Speech --> Reported Speech

4.1. present simple --> past simple

4.2. can --> could

4.3. will --> would

4.4. present continuos --> past continuos

4.5. am/is/are going to --> was/were going to

4.6. past simple --> past perfect

4.7. present perfect --> past perfect