Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast by Mind Map: Beauty and the Beast

1. The beauty family

1.1. the beauty has two sisters and three brothers, and a father with a great fortune

1.2. the father one day loses his fortune and they are poor, so they go to live in the country.

2. How the father met the Beast?

2.1. The father after a Long journey turned off the road and came to a Castel where he ate chocolate, slept well, etc. The next day when he was going to leave, he plucked some flowers and at that moment the beast appeared, they began to talk.

2.2. the beast told him that he forgave him on the condition that if he brought his daughter to pay for what he did, and if the daughter did not accept, the pope would die.

3. How did beauty meet the beast

3.1. Beauty meets the beast, when she and her father arrived at the castle where Bella was going to take responsibility for her father, after a while the beast comes out and tells the father that as he brought a daughter in the morning it could go, and that's how they met

3.2. The next day when dawn breaks, the crying father says goodbye to his daughter and left, the daughter also cried but after a while she calmed down and went to see the castle, after a while she came to a door that said a beauty apartment

4. How was the coexistence of beauty and the beast

4.1. The coexistence went well, at first the beauty was a little scared, but the beast being so kind, it was getting so much confidence that in about 3 months they were already talking every night they played etc.

4.2. The beauty asked the beast to marry seeing that he was a very adorable, respectful, etc, when the beauty asked him to marry the beast became a beautiful prince, since he had the appearance of a beast because a The fairy cursed him and it was only taken away when a woman agreed to marry him.