Four Keys to an Effective Website - Accessibleweb Design

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Four Keys to an Effective Website - Accessibleweb Design by Mind Map: Four Keys to an Effective Website - Accessibleweb Design

1. 1 Purpose

1.1. What is the website for?

1.1.1. Is it needed because everyone else has one?

1.1.2. Information - Resource

1.1.3. Point of Contact

1.1.4. Shop - Ecommerce

1.1.5. Application e.g. Google Maps

2. 2 Planning

2.1. What Makes a Great Website

2.1.1. Good graphic design creating concepts, feelings/emotions

2.1.2. Good interface design ease of use look at Ebay/Amazon, they aren’t the greatest graphical designs but they work well Accessibility Blind and Visually Impaired Users Physical Impairments Learning Difficulties Deafness

2.1.3. Content Well Structured Regularly Updated e.g. news, events, promotions Relevant - Targeted

3. 3 Marketing

3.1. Why and How?

3.1.1. The World won't beat a Path to Your Door

3.1.2. Online Marketing Adverts Banners Don't Work Well Pay Per Click Text Adverts do Work Well Search Engine Optimisation Beware Snake Oil Ahead! Don't Use Tricks Well Structured Content Relevant Links Varied Titles Keyword Research is Vital Social Media Business Networks Social Networks Blogging Twittering Viral Marketing

3.1.3. Offline Marketing Stationery Business Cards Letter Heads Compliment Slips Brochures Vehicles Signs Networking Building Relationships

4. 4 Measurement

4.1. How Do You Know How Well Your Website is Working

4.1.1. Ask How people found you

4.1.2. Website Statistics Google Analytics Popular Content How long visitors stayed Geographic Location Specific Goals Statcounter