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MEDIA by Mind Map: MEDIA

1. Nouns

1.1. a medium

1.1.1. a medium is the singular form of media

1.1.2. Example:

1.2. censorship

1.2.1. when a certain types of messages are blocked.

1.2.2. Example: The government often uses censorship for movies that are violent or have sexual content.

1.3. genre

1.3.1. a style or category of art, music, movie or literature

1.3.2. Example:

1.4. mass media

1.4.1. mass media refers collectively to all the forms of media we have such as television, on-line services, magazines and newspaper

1.4.2. Example:

1.5. paparazzi

1.5.1. aggressive media (negative)

1.5.2. Example:

2. Verbs

3. Adjectives

4. Idioms