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The Creature by Mind Map: The Creature

1. Victors Creation

1.1. Unatural

1.1.1. Unwanted

1.1.2. New node

1.2. Unwanted

2. emotions

2.1. Self Concious

2.2. Curiosity about the world and people

2.3. Hate towards victor

2.4. Confused

3. Ugly

3.1. People run from him

3.2. He got shot when trying to be nice

3.3. He got chased after saving a little girl

3.4. He gets wrongfully accused of stuff

4. In the Beginning he cant speak and is illiterate

4.1. He learns French by watching a family

4.1.1. Reads books to understand people beter

4.1.2. Reads notes from victor that explain to him how he is unwanted New node

5. New node