Checklist for Writing the Publishable Paper

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Checklist for Writing the Publishable Paper by Mind Map: Checklist for Writing the Publishable  Paper

1. described all the used methods

1.1. Write down your algorithms (equations)/strategy and provide explanation on them ( Figures may be required where necessary)

2. 1-TiTle

2.1. summarize the main point

2.1.1. Concise summary of the main point of the paper.

2.1.2. Contain all the key elements of your study (in 100 characters and spaces or less)

3. 2-Abstract

3.1. clear significance of your study

3.1.1. -indicate the context and rationale for your study in the background section of your Abstract

3.1.2. it implicitly helps clarify the significance of your study

3.1.3. keep it brief; include only the most essential, relevant points

3.2. consistent information in the Abstract with the information in the rest of the paper

3.2.1. cross-checking all the information in the Abstract to the text, tables, and figures as part of your final review before submitting your paper to the journal.

3.2.2. remember--nothing should appear in your Abstract that does not appear elsewhere in your paper

3.3. State the main Conclusion

3.3.1. general statement of the problem and optional supporting/specifying statements

4. 3-Introduction

4.1. Introductory paragraph

4.1.1. getting broad statement that establishes a general topic for the article

4.1.2. Outline the state of the art and introduce a gap in knowledge.

4.2. Middle paragraphs

4.2.1. identifies the seminal historical contributions, outlines the state of knowledge, and justifies the novelty of the article’s contribution

4.3. Final paragraph

4.3.1. outlining the specific contribution of the article and tell the reader the overall organization of the paper

5. 4-Materials and Methods

5.1. describe all selection criteria in your Methods

5.1.1. start with the general theory first then followed by your own formulations.

6. 5-Results

6.1. state the overall answer to the purpose of the study in Results

6.2. Verify the organization of the results

6.3. present your findings in one place only

6.4. omit all interpretation of the data

7. 7-Summary and Conclusions

7.1. highlight the major advantages of the technique/method proposed when compared with other techniques or conventional techniques

7.2. Write suggestions to improve the problems or limitations of the proposed technique (such as in future work

8. 8-Acknowledgments

8.1. thank the most helpful persons who helped you in achieving the study in brief

9. 9-References

9.1. References so all used literature in alphabetical order (by the last name of authors).

10. search

11. planing

11.1. Time

12. success

13. Solution

13.1. 6-Discussion

13.1.1. Provide summary of results and how results led to conclusion

13.1.2. Place results in context of current knowledge

13.1.3. Unanswered questions /Limitations of study

13.1.4. Don’t overemphasize your own work