Job Roles / Expectations (Road To 1 Million Per Month)

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Job Roles / Expectations (Road To 1 Million Per Month) by Mind Map: Job Roles / Expectations (Road To 1 Million Per Month)

1. Mary

1.1. Director Of Op's

1.1.1. Ordering Inventory Work with Lenders For Inventory Terms Work Closely with Audrey & Angela on when checks are arrived Work with CFO to make sure we can afford the interest rate Amazon - Becca Get monthly updates and projections for inventory for 3 months in advance in order to order the appropriate amount Whitney and PPC guy on ad's, etc. Make sure containers get through port okay, coordinate with shipper and tando Can work my spreadsheet team - johnny and luke

1.1.2. Profitability Examine all area's and work to see where we can save money and maximize profits work with warehouse to lower costs / negotiate terms Ex. Look for new warehouses with cheaper pallet per month, cheaper shipping costs, etc.

1.2. Chain Account Sales Coordinator - Managing Brokers

1.2.1. Working close with Alina / brokers for Chain Accounts targets Plan Retailer Accounts

1.2.2. Put Sales Goals / Projections Together Get sales data from Emily, mix it with what is possible, put together a plan to get to 1M a month in sales by end of next year. Work with Andrew to

1.2.3. Manag Brokers Get their plans Keep them accountable Send reports to Grow broker list I have a Walmart and target broker List Of Brokers: Julio Gerald Sellers Walmart Target Etc

1.3. Accountability

1.3.1. Set weekly meeting with team's (sales and Op's), get updates on goals Figure out what you can do to help people achieve those goals

1.3.2. Work with Dom to set individual goals

2. Alina

2.1. Head Of Chain Accounts

2.1.1. Use CRM and input plan of execution to grow Mela in chain accounts

2.1.2. Grow, manage, mela in retail chain accounts Work with social media team to inform them on things for posting Work with emily to put together sampling / tasting at chain accounts

2.1.3. Put together projections, work with Mary closely to make sure that we have enough inventory Very important

2.1.4. Bring on brokers, help manage those brokers along with Mary Gavin Gerald Sellers Walmart GoRabbit

3. Andrew

3.1. Distrubtor Sales Help

3.1.1. Door to Door Marine style to close accounts

3.2. Launch New Distrubtion's

3.2.1. Send Samples

3.2.2. Get meeting for him and I together I will lead meeting, he can follow up - close the loops on everything, make sure they have sale sheets, paperwork done, etc. Audrey will help assist will all paperwork, etc.

3.2.3. Put Launch Plan Together for new distributors Buy 2 get 1, $15 for sales reps news accounts, etc. Work with mary and I to make sure financials make sense. Fly out to that area to open the accounts, can use marcus as well if need be.

4. Marcus

4.1. Distrubtor Sales Rep / Help

4.2. Manage San Diego Growth

4.2.1. Work with Eastown to maximize account list, close every account

4.3. Events, San Diego

4.3.1. Put together events that we can do at the beach, partnerships, with gyms, etc.

4.3.2. Do samplings at the

4.4. Launch New Distribution

4.4.1. Contract distrbutors, show results from others

4.4.2. Send samples

5. Emily

5.1. Distrubtor Account Manager

5.1.1. Getting Lists Of Accounts

5.1.2. Setting Up Samplings / Tastings

5.1.3. Maximizing Distrubtor Capasity Getting total account list, planning out ways to get in all accounts Spend Marcus out to territory if needed to open more accounts

5.1.4. Putting together promo's for sales reps if needed

5.1.5. Manage distributor sales reps if needed

5.1.6. Put together reports for Mary and I All of the information aove. Sales Volume ranking per distrutor Include capacity / output Depletion Reports

5.2. Sampling / Events

5.2.1. Current Distrubtors See how else we can support accounts that we are representing Setting up tastings with accounts that distributor have. Will have a budget put together

5.2.2. Market Events Find, manage, company to launch and do activation events in cities that we have distribution

5.2.3. Partnership events, Los Angeles Keep doing events in LA as needed

6. Audrey

6.1. Order Operations

6.1.1. Work with shippers to continuously find the cheapest rates.

6.2. Sales Op / Assistant

6.2.1. Onboarding paperwork for sales team.

6.2.2. Sending out samples, etc.

6.3. Marketing Assistant

6.3.1. Sending out sampling,etc to influncers

6.4. Manage stock levels of items

6.4.1. Ordering Shirts / hats / etc.

6.5. Reports

6.5.1. Send sales reports once per week

6.5.2. Account List Continuously get account lists from Emily, compile them into our website

6.6. Plan Company Parties

6.6.1. One Get Together Per Month

6.6.2. Two Big Trips Per Year Local - Palm Springs Cabo - Once Per Year

6.7. Inventory for D2C

6.7.1. Amazon Work with Becca to make sure Amazon is always fully stocked

6.7.2. Website Work with Whitney and the PPC guy to make sure we have plenty of inventory in Amazon in order to scales Setup weekly inventory meetings

7. Julio

7.1. Manage, expand, help LAD continuously grow

8. Eckis Marketing

8.1. Influencers

8.1.1. Trade

8.1.2. Paid

8.1.3. Paradise Club Team Put together a paradise club team that we can send a case a month to in order to grow social

8.2. Managing Social Media Marketing

8.2.1. Gathering Profit / Loss Reports, Sending Weekly / Monthly

8.2.2. Ad creation Working with Audrey / Mary to manage / predict inventory VERY IMPORTANT

8.2.3. Work with Mike Vallejo to improve the

8.3. Marketing Partnerships

8.3.1. Collabs Executing on those collab's

8.4. Bugeting

8.4.1. Get budget / submit budget from CFO

8.5. Large event planning / execution

8.5.1. Expo East

8.5.2. BevNet Events

8.5.3. Expo West

8.5.4. Other Expo's That we should be attending

8.5.5. working with companies to put the events together, get me pricing, etc.

8.6. Amazon

8.6.1. Help grow positive Review growth on Amazon

8.7. Website

8.7.1. Constantly make iterations and changes to the website to make sure it is optimized for checkout.

8.8. Merch

8.8.1. Shirts

8.8.2. Hats

8.8.3. Accesories

8.8.4. Design / Development

8.8.5. Photo Shoot's

9. CFO - Nick

9.1. Run Rate / Burn

9.1.1. Get complete, detailed run rate together.

9.2. Projections

9.2.1. Put together profitability / profitability moving forward with investors Work with lawyers / inventors to prepare for cap raises, etc.

9.3. Profitability

9.3.1. Put together spreadsheet / system for Audrey to enter the information Product Cost Shipping From Asia Shipping to individual customers Warehousing costs. Shipping, customs, etc. Burn Rate of Other Expenses

9.4. Budgets

9.4.1. for samplings

9.4.2. for marketing

10. Amazon / Becca

10.1. Put together inventory projections

10.1.1. Send those inventory projections to Mary

10.2. Keep Mela profitable on Amazon

10.2.1. Constantly get exact Margins from Mary to make sure we are profitable on amazon

10.3. Manage / grow / Mela on Amazon

10.3.1. If not profitable, keep us even. Put together plan to get us to 100% capacity on Amazon