congratulating and complimenting others

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congratulating and complimenting others by Mind Map: congratulating and complimenting others

1. Complimenting

1.1. expression

1.1.1. You are great!

1.1.2. well done Jo!

1.2. responses

1.2.1. thankyou for saying so

1.3. language features

1.3.1. using adjective

1.3.2. using present tense

1.4. social function

1.4.1. to express praise to someone

2. Congratulating

2.1. expression

2.1.1. congratulation on your success for winning the gold medal of Tokyo Olympic 2020!

2.2. responses

2.2.1. positive thank you it is very kind of you to say so

2.2.2. negative i am not that good actually, but thanks i still have a lot to learn, it is nothing

2.3. language features

2.3.1. usually using of word "congratulation, congrats, etc"

2.3.2. using present tense

2.3.3. using adjective

2.4. social function

2.4.1. to congratulate someone for their achievements winning something graduation celebration getting something new