Liz's Email Needs

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Liz's Email Needs by Mind Map: Liz's Email Needs


1.1. Laney Bot!!!!!


1.3. LPNET

1.3.1. LPNET SITE access attorney pro develop access staff pro develop LinkedIn Learning Wednesday Webinars Group Get Together LMS Department Provided Specific Training Help with design before release

1.3.2. STREAM Needs Channels

1.3.3. #WednesdayWebinar LPNet Story - Wednesday - Day of Reminder What - Summary When/Where How to connected - Zoom/Teams link Help with template Marketo 01. Initial Invitation - Thursday before 02 Reminder Day of @ 7am (#WednesdayWebinar) 03 Follow Up - Same Day @ 12:15

1.3.4. Thursday Group Get Together 01. Initial Invitation - Thursday before What - Detail Description When and Where How to connect Guest Speaker Section outlook file See Upcoming Training Opportunities - link to the specific calendar URL Addtional Resources Contact Section 02 Reminder Day of @ 7am (#WednesdayWebinar) 03 Follow Up - Same Day @ 12:15 MS Form - Training Eval Survey Contact Section Explore unique Zoom links options

1.3.5. #TechTips Weekly spotlights of IT specific technology Highlighting articles series Schedule follow on Tech Tips landing page possibly go the direction of Shout-Outs & Mentions Posted Tuesdays Liz/Lisa Review Template layout

2. Onboarding

2.1. email intro to the firm and training expectation + hardware they should have received

2.2. Training invite - Training Schedule + (content dependent on position in the firm)

2.3. Follow up email connecting new hire with WP person for continued education around CCC Macro

2.4. Training Survey - not dependent on position all NH get the same email/survey

2.4.1. 2 weeks

2.4.2. 1 month

2.5. Start cultivating quarterly touch base with every staff member at LP.

2.6. Infrastructure

2.6.1. Currently using personal zoom

2.6.2. possibly create LP Trainer Zoom account Check to see if Marketo supports multiple zoom account