The French Revolution

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The French Revolution by Mind Map: The French Revolution

1. 1789: Convocation of Estates General. The Third Estate forms National Assembly, Tennis Court Oath the Bastille is stormed, peasant revolts in the countryside, Assembly issues Declaration of the Rights of Man. 1791: A constitution is framed to limit the powers of the king and to guarantee the basic right to all human beings. 1792-93: Convention abolishes Monarchy; France becomes a republic. The Jacobin Republic overthrown, a Directory rules France. 1795: New Constitution is adopted. A new Convention appointed a five-man Directorate to run the state from 26th October 1795. Churches reopened. 1799: The Revolution ends with the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon’s coup abolishes the Directory and establishes Consulate.

2. The Outbreak of the Revolution- time line The French Revolution went through various stages. When Louis XVI became the king of France in 1774, he inherited a treasury which was empty. There was growing discontent within the society of the Old Regime

3. Time Line: The French Revolution

3.1. 1792: Austria and Prussia attack revolutionary France, Robespierre, elected the first Deputy for Paris to the National convention. 1793: Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were executed. 1792-1794: In 1793, the Reign of Terror starts. Austria, Britain, the Netherlands, Prussia, and Spain are at war with France. Robespierre’s Committee of Public Safety repels back foreign invaders. Executes many ‘enemies of the people’ in France itself. 1794: Robespierre is executed. France is governed by a Directory, a committee of five men. The Reign of Terror ends. 1795: National convention dissolved. 1799: Napoleon Bonaparte becomes the leader of the French Revolution ends

3.1.1. 1770s-1780s: Economic decline: French Government in deep debt. In 1774, Louis XVI ascends to the throne. 1788-1789: Bad harvest, high prices, food riots. 1789, May 5: Estates-General convened, demands reforms. 1789, July 14: National Assembly formed. Bastille stormed on July 14. French Revolution starts. 1789, August 4: Night of August 4 ends the rights of the aristocracy, the surrender of feudal rights. 1789, August 26: Declaration of the Rights of Man 1790: Civil Constitution of the Clergy nationalizes the Church. 1791: Dissolution of the National Constituent Assembly. 1792: Constitution of 1791 converts absolute monarchy into a constitutional monarchy with limited powers