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Project Snapshot: "Medical Education in a Digital Age: An Institutional Ethnography" by Mind Map: Project Snapshot: "Medical Education in a Digital Age: An Institutional Ethnography"
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Project Snapshot: "Medical Education in a Digital Age: An Institutional Ethnography"

Grant Basics (protocol, timeline, REB submission etc)

Title: "Higher Education in a Digital Economy: An Institutional Ethnography"


Timeframe: September 1 2012 - August 31 2015

Draft snapshot timeline

Protocol (SSHRC)

Ethics application (reviewed & approved by Dal REB)

Goals & Objectives & Deliverables

Research Questions


Deliverables (how do we know we are successful?)

MedEdDigital Open Access to Grant Data Policy & Scholarship/Authorship guidelines

ICMJE principles of authorship aka Vancouver guidelines - Updated

Open Access to Grant Data Policy (Updated June 2013)

Open Medicine policy on guest & ghost authorship

Author pooling

Thoughts about Data collection

Data Collection


Data Analysis

Data management

Project Presentations & Posters

Anna Macleod, Olga Kits, Jonathan Tummons, Joan Sargeant, Karen Mann. "Distributed Medical Education at Dalhousie University: Sociomaterial Considerations". Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME), Ottawa, April 2014. [accepted - oral presentation]

Anna MacLeod, Cathy Fournier, Olga Kits Passive learning

Cathy Fournier, Anna MacLeod, Olga Kits Technologies and Boundaries

Anna Macleod & Olga Kits. "Button-mediated medical education: Distributed learning in a digital age". ProPel Conference, University of Sterling, Scotland, 2014. [accepted poster]

Anna Macleod, Olga Kits, Cathy Fournier | AMEE Poster 2013

Olga Kits, Anna Macleod, Cathy Fournier | Research Protocol poster | QHR & Local medical education conference, 2013

Olga Kits, Camille Angus, Anna Macleod, Jonathan Tummons | "Open Access to SSHRC Grant Data" Presentation, 2013 QHR. Oral presentation.

Jonathan Tummons, Anna Macleod, Olga Kits | Oxford U. Conference & Draft Paper. "ICTs and the internet as field and framework: a reflexive commentary on a live Canadian/UK institutional ethnography." Oral Presentation.

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New Potential Paper Collaborations

Pedagogical Partners

Papers Published to Date

MacLeod, Anna, Olga Kits, Emma Whelan, Cathy Fournier, Keith Wilson, Gregory Power, Karen Mann, Jonathan Tummons, and Peggy Alexiadis Brown. "Sociomateriality: A Theoretical Framework for Studying Distributed Medical Education." ACADEMIC MEDICINE (2015).

Tummons, Jonathan, Anna Macleod, and Olga Kits. "Ethnographies Across Virtual and Physical Spaces: A Reflexive Commentary on a Live Canadian/UK Ethnography of Distributed Medical Education." Ethnography and Education 10, no. 1 (2014): doi:10.1080/17457823.2014.956229.