Responsibilities of a Front-End Developer

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Responsibilities of a Front-End Developer by Mind Map: Responsibilities of a Front-End Developer

1. Design, creation and maintenance of web pages

1.1. Design and creation of web pages correspond to most of the responsibilities

1.2. A team member can give you an already created design

1.3. You will continually have to implement HTML, CSS and Javascript

2. Keeping abreast in technology

2.1. It is necessary to know and adapt to new technologies

2.2. Knowing new technologies will be useful to improve your new projects

2.3. Be aware of current trends

3. Communication

3.1. Know how to communicate with clients, colleagues and users

3.2. Keep a good documentation

3.3. Mantain an efficient communication

4. Testing and validation

4.1. Have a plan for the testing

4.2. Use existing tools to help with testing

4.3. Do diferent tests with users