006- How To Sell on Etsy/Shop Branding

If you want to build a successful Etsy shop, your customers should keep coming back for more.For this, your shop should be memorable, that's why you need to have a strong brand identity.What are the Etsy shop branding elements and how you can most out of them?

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006- How To Sell on Etsy/Shop Branding by Mind Map: 006- How To Sell on Etsy/Shop Branding

1. Brand Definition

1.1. 1. How is your product different from the competitors?

1.2. 2. What is unique about you that can serve customers' needs?

1.3. 3. Why should customers choose your products?

2. Ideal Customer

2.1. Imagine all your future customers are "one specific person".

2.2. Create a complete description of them.

2.2.1. Answer these questions: - What are their age and gender? - Where do they live? - How much do they earn? - How do they think? - What challenges do they face? - What is important to them? - What pushes them to make purchasing decisions?

2.3. Continue to emerge over time as you tweak and update your target market.

2.3.1. Connect Google Analytics to your shop

2.3.2. Review your Etsy stats

3. Banner

3.1. Appears on the top of your home page

3.2. Get as creative as you like as long as it goes with your brand.

3.2.1. Highlight your best products Cheria Kay Signs

3.2.2. Show your products in action Ellagant Studios

3.2.3. Add your shop name & social media handles Miracle Design Studio

3.2.4. Show your social proofs with numbers

3.3. Truly unique and eye-catching banner will set yourself apart from the competition.

4. Shop Icon

4.1. Appears on your home page, receipts, and any other places where your shop appears

4.2. Should be legible, distinguishable, and memorable.

4.3. The successful examples

4.3.1. Emma Studies

4.3.2. Shine Invitations

4.3.3. Wall Decor Ideas

4.3.4. Paper Mouse Planners