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Hayperlink by Mind Map: Hayperlink

1. Backlinks Creation: The Backlinks are the links or the hyperlinks that a website gets from another website. These links connect one website to another. Creating backlinks are essential as it largely impacts the website in earning relevant web traffic, and even help increasing the website ranking in the search engine result page. Directory Submission, Article Submission, Guest Blogging are the few effective ways to create backlinks for a website.

2. Eg.You are on youtube music video and you saw in description some another topic information and you click there and then another page will be open through one page to another page its called hyper links.

3. two types of hyper link:- 1)External Hyperlink- what goes in the website one page two same website another page 2)external hyperlinks-what goes to one website to another website

4. Eg:- <a href="Example Domain">EXTERNAL LINK</a> <a href="/index.html">INTERNAL LINK</a>