Historical Concepts


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Historical Concepts by Mind Map: Historical Concepts

1. SECONDARY SOURCES: This ones take as a base the primary sources (references)

2. Change: This concept refers to how things changed after a historical event, this is about investigating how this events happened over time

3. Continuity: This concept involves the changes provoked by the historical events, and how they are joined

4. Cause: This explain us how a certain set of circumstances originated a historical event

5. Consequence: This let us understand what happened as a result of the events

6. Significance: We can understand why is something called a historical event depending in its value

7. PRIMARY SOURCES: Evidence of the event the closest possible (pictures, videos)

8. Evidence: This concept refers towhead we have to prove this happened

9. TERTIARY SOURCES: This ones summarize de secondary sources (books, textbooks)