Methods of international transportation

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Methods of international transportation by Mind Map: Methods of international transportation

1. automotive, tamping machine, railroad, train, railroad, wagon, etc.

2. Boat, yacht, cruise ship, sailboat, submarine, etc.

3. Plane, helicopter, airship, hot air balloon

4. land transport is the only one that performs transport door to door. Transport from small packages to large volumes.

5. It is a widely used transport worldwide, because its infrastructure with respect to roads and vehicles is assured. It offers different types of rail freight cars in vans, gondolas, hoppers, trailers, tanks, duplex and triplex cars. The vans are hired to transport products that require protection against the environment, with shock absorbers to transport fragile cargo, sensitive to vibration and sudden movements, without temperature control.

6. Air transport is ideal for transporting general cargo and perishable cargo, although it has restrictions for some products. Due to its speed, insurance costs are lower and cargo is safer. However, the shipping capacity is more limited by the space available in the ships. Generally, chemical and pharmaceutical products, electronics and telecommunications, live animals and fragile products are transported.

7. Marine transport is good, given its ability to move large-volume, low-value goods and its ability to travel long distances. One of the weak points is the slowness

8. Rail Transport

9. Land transport

10. Air transport

11. Transport modes can be air, sea, land and rail. The means, meanwhile, refer to the vehicles necessary for transport according to the chosen mode

12. Sea Transport

13. Buses, trucks, cars,