Lesley Maria Le Platte

Identity Map

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Lesley Maria Le Platte by Mind Map: Lesley Maria Le Platte

1. Family

1.1. Trinidad, Portugal, India

1.2. Mom, Dad, Anton

2. Trinidadian American

3. Roman Catholic

4. Female

5. 25

6. Atlanta. GA ; Trinidad & Tobago

7. Middle-class

8. Multiracial- Black, White, Asian

9. In good Health

10. Reading; watching movies and tv shows; photography

11. Kennesaw State University, Catholic Center at KSU, Cartersville, GA, Atlanta, GA

12. United States

13. English; intermediate French

14. Degree in History, Minor in Anthropology, Love of learning and reading, works as a naturalist at the Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site

15. 1 older Brother