Reverse Engineer the Brain (Health)

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Reverse Engineer the Brain (Health) by Mind Map: Reverse Engineer the Brain (Health)

1. Importance to Health in my opinion:

1.1. 1. Engineer better medicines

1.1.1. This is the most important to me as it can help preserve human life and help battle diseases that could cause lifelong disability.

1.2. 2. Reverse engineer the brain

1.2.1. Reverse engineering the brain would allow us to better understand mental diseases like Alzheimer's and potentially find new ways to improve mental health and prevent mental diseases.

1.2.2. This could also allow us to make advancements in computer processing as well as making more advanced AIs so that we could make programs and machines that could further improve our lives

1.3. 3. Improve health informatics

1.3.1. This would help streamline health information so you wouldn't need to give your medical information every time you went to a doctor

2. Reverse engineering the brain can help improve mental and neural health

2.1. It could allow us to understand how mental diseases occur and how we could prevent them

2.2. It would allow us to develop ways to treat the mentally ill (for example, helping a person with Dementia to think more clearly or helping a person with Alzheimer's to remember their past more clearly)

2.3. It could allow us to develop new ways to treat people who have lost limbs, sight, hearing, etc.

2.3.1. New implants could be created to simulate certain senses like sight, hearing or touch for someone who never had, or has lost, that ability

2.3.2. Connections between artificial limbs could be made more effective to the extent of making an artificial limb move with only a thought.

3. Reverse engineering the brain, engineering better medicines, and advancing health informatics would work hand in hand

3.1. With better engineered medicine and a greater understanding of the brain's functions (from reverse engineering it), we could provide appropriate treatment for people who are suffering from a mental disease

3.2. We could minimize the risk of mental diseases before they occur by using health informatic devices that read the health of a person's brain and predict when a person needs treatment before they are in danger of mental damage

3.2.1. We could use our model of the brain with health informatics to create personalized sleep schedules to help people stay well rested and to get back onto a regular sleep schedule even if they break their old schedule (this is a personal idea I wanted to add).

3.3. If we could combine all three, we would be able to help people live happier, more productive lives, by having health informatics predict when people are in danger (aided by our better understanding of the brain after reverse engineering it) and having better medicines to help treat people before problems, mental and physical, arise.

4. Biomedical engineers would tackle many of the problems in the Health theme

4.1. Biomedical engineers research new ways to improve human health and the advancement of medicine, best way to apply that medicine, and how to tackle mental disorders would all fall under that scope.

4.2. Biomedical engineers would look at implants that could be used to promote mental health and functionality such as microchips that would allow nerve signals to bypass dead neural tissue

4.3. Biomedical engineers would also work along with electrical and mechanical engineers to develop ways of connecting artificial limbs, hearing, and sight to the neural pathway to help people who have lost limbs, sight, or hearing to regain that ability as if it had never gone.