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Austria by Mind Map: Austria

1. Instructions

1.1. Within each major category, identify a trend or trends in international education that corresponds to that category. Add more subtopics for additional trends if you wish.

2. Demographic

2.1. Increase in non-traditional student enrollment.

2.2. Decrease in number of international student enrollment in U.S.

3. Economic

3.1. Increase in U.S. tuition fees rising faster than inflation.

3.2. Decrease in higher education federal and state funding.

4. Socio-cultural

4.1. Well-being and mental health services. More students need these services due to the Covid-19 pandemic and shift to remote learning.

4.2. Diversifying student population. Higher enrollment of minority students.

5. Technological

5.1. Online learning.

5.2. Training and availability of technology is critical for both faculty and students to succeed.

6. Ecological

6.1. Impact of fires and natural disasters on student enrollment and learning.

6.2. Focus of reducing carbon footprint

7. Political

7.1. U.S. government student loan forgiveness.

7.2. Federal debt, spending and inflation. Impacts students with higher costs for gas, food, housing, tuition, etc.