3 Blind Mice + Hansel and Gretel

A nursery rhyme created into a short film - The mind map. A combination of 3 blind mice and Hansel and Gretel

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3 Blind Mice + Hansel and Gretel by Mind Map: 3 Blind Mice + Hansel and Gretel

1. Horror

1.1. Sounds

1.1.1. Mysterious, up tight, music with 'jolts' Scary Horror Music | Best Halloween Mega Remix 2015 | Creepy Anthem | New Dark Songs

1.2. Colour

1.2.1. Blacks, red, deep blues

1.3. Visuals

1.3.1. Blood

1.3.2. Axe

2. Characters

2.1. 3 kids, (similar to Hansel and Gretel/3 blind mice)

2.2. Step mother

2.3. Farmer (Dad)

3. Setting

3.1. Home, establishing shot

3.2. Bush, where the kids get chased

4. Plot

4.1. Beginning

4.1.1. Starts with drama to entice viewers

4.1.2. Establishing shot - The house, the house looks a bit dark and dank

4.1.3. Camera follows children running out of house from behind, so no one has seen the kids faces yet

4.1.4. Next shot you see kids faces, they are heavy breathing after running away, drinking from a flask

4.1.5. Flashes back to Dad, seems worried, doesn't know where the kids are

4.2. Climax

4.2.1. Dramatic music

4.2.2. Children sleep in a tree after running away, Dad places net on ground around a tree, when kids wake up in morning and get out of tree, the trap rope lifts up and traps them in there. Kids are hanging from tree, swinging in net. They know this is step mother.

4.2.3. Step mother comes out with knife

4.2.4. Behind stepmother is Dad, kids find out he betrayed them for his wife

4.3. Ending

4.3.1. BANG

4.3.2. Step mother kills children, Dad is a witness but doesn't stop her. His love for his wife is deeper than his love for his kids

4.3.3. Last shot is kids hanging in net, blood everywhere, still, quiet, dead

5. Props

5.1. Fake blood

5.2. Farmer clothes (straw hat, overalls, apron)

5.3. Children aged clothes

5.4. Knfie