Informal learning

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Informal learning by Mind Map: Informal learning

1. app recommending different activities

1.1. different categories

1.2. random activities

1.3. according to algorithm

1.3.1. what would interest this person

1.3.2. what has this person never tried before

2. get connected

2.1. to potential mentors

2.2. people trying the same things

2.2.1. share insights

2.3. people trying different things

2.3.1. exchange experiences

2.4. people you can try the activities with

3. Problem: informal learning = lack of accountability

3.1. track attendance

3.2. ask if participant enjoyed activity to refine suggestions

3.3. incentive for trying different things?

3.3.1. points

3.3.2. free ebooks (curated!)

3.3.3. social activities

3.4. should it be a paid service?

3.5. how can we link this to something formal?

3.5.1. seems counterintuitive but at least it will still be a different format of learning?

4. how to scale down to something more specific???