Alan Grade 5 student

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Alan Grade 5 student by Mind Map: Alan Grade 5 student

1. Strengths

1.1. Following instructions with visual prompts.

1.2. Use of a timer to monitor on task behaviour.

1.3. Use of a visual schedule.

1.4. Using word processing programs for writing.

2. Areas of Need

2.1. Math

2.2. Reading decoding

2.3. Has difficulty in P.E.

2.4. Independence skills.

2.5. Coping strategies for transitions.

2.6. Decrease reliance on teacher, increase of responsibility.

2.7. Calming strategies.

3. Interests

3.1. Drawing

3.2. Listening to music

3.3. Has an interest in small objects like keys and switches.

4. Favourite Activities

4.1. Drawing cars and trucks.

5. Instructional Strategies

5.1. Individualized Visual Schedule

5.2. Adapted Assignments

5.3. Token economy system to reward good behaviour.

6. Useful Tips

6.1. Does not like to participate in music when around peers.

6.2. Maintain strong communication with home for consistency.