Meeting Learner's Academic Needs

Text by Peter Reailly

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Meeting Learner's Academic Needs by Mind Map: Meeting Learner's Academic Needs

1. To Feel Secure and Important.

1.1. Teacher can listen with empathy.

1.2. To feel comfortable and supported to take risks.

1.3. Reflect on the learning goals and the feelings they experienced.

2. To Understand the learning goals.

2.1. Ss need time to understand what is expected of them.

2.2. Teachers state the learning goal at the beginning of the class.

3. Time to Integrate Learning

3.1. Ss need time to reflect on material they are exposed.

3.2. People need time to accommodate new information and skills. Piaget

3.3. Silent moments are important and the homework is not useful for that.

4. To Understamd the Leraning Process

4.1. Teachers need to be open and explicit about the procedures: to explane the strategies.

4.2. Show the contribution of the performing tasks.

4.3. To ask to Ss for the effectiveness of the activities to achieve the goal.

5. To Receive Feedback

5.1. Goal serve as targets for learners.and feedback is the way to guide this.

5.2. I should be: immediate, frequent, specific, realistic, appropriate, private.

6. Real-World Examples & Context-Based Learning

6.1. Research shows that when students are interested in something and can connect it to their lives or cultural backgrounds, they are more highly motivated and learn better.