Health during quarantine

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Health during quarantine by Mind Map: Health during quarantine

1. Sedentary lifestyle

1.1. Covid-19

1.1.1. Due to covid-19. Many people for fear of getting infected have stopped frequenting the streets, which is why the sedentary lifestyle rate in Peru was increased.

1.2. Home Office

1.2.1. Remote work is very beneficial, you can take longer breaks, have more time to eat but it generates dependence on sedentary lifestyle.

2. Obesity

2.1. Lack of excersice

2.1.1. Due to confinement, many people have not been able to go out to exercise and are in poor health.

2.2. fast food

2.2.1. According to a statistic from the newspaper "El Comercio", it is estimated that during the last year fast food restaurants had a 150% increase in orders from frequent customers.

3. Mental health

3.1. Stress

3.1.1. people can have stress when they are confined against their will

3.2. Frustration

3.2.1. Frustration is usually caused by many factors. However, during quarantine it may be because you do not socialize enough with other people.

4. Eating disorders

4.1. stress eating

4.1.1. During the quarantine for covid-19, many people tend to have anguish or stress about many things. These people often calm down or try to calm down by eating.

4.2. anorexy

4.2.1. It is likely that when a person is confined they tend to have incorrect eating habits. Then, as time goes by, this person does not feel comfortable with what he looks like and generates a disease called Anorexy