Littering in Columbia, MO

J1400 Group with Matty, Sean, Claire, and Cydnee

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Littering in Columbia, MO by Mind Map: Littering in Columbia, MO

1. Stakeholders

1.1. Citizens

1.2. waste management employees

1.3. Landlords

1.3.1. Pet owners (dogs, cats)

1.4. Homeowners

1.5. Tax Payers

1.6. Students who live in Columbia

1.7. Community service workers

1.8. Environmentalists

1.9. Climate Change deniers

1.10. Homeless people or people living in streets

2. Sources

2.1. Primary Sources

2.1.1. people who have littered

2.1.2. organizations that clean up litter

2.2. Secondary Sources

2.2.1. Stories about trash

2.2.2. Person who studies environmental sciences

2.2.3. Health administration for Columbia

2.2.4. Companies that administer trash gathering (littering gather up companies)

2.2.5. Papers about littering in Columbia

2.3. Roadmap Sources

2.3.1. Organizations that clean up litter

2.3.2. Community service participants

2.3.3. People studying environmental sciences

2.4. Thirdparty Validators

2.4.1. Columbia's public health officials

2.4.2. Environmental Majors

2.4.3. Scientists that study effects of garbage

2.5. Data

2.5.1. Data of how much garbage is picked up in Columbia (daily, weekly, monthly...)

2.5.2. Data of landfills and how they are filling up (we will need a new one soon)