Impact of Business in a community

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Impact of Business in a community by Mind Map: Impact of Business in a community

1. Positive Impact

1.1. Recycle: Some modern day business are modifying to help the community. Recycling things help the environment.

1.2. Jobs: For a business to work it normally needs employees. Having to give jobs to persons who need them.

1.3. Supply: Business to win money they need to sell their products, supply and services. Giving their product to many different clients.

2. Positive Examples

2.1. Grupo AlEn is a business in Monterrey who recycles, mainly plastic. With the resources they recycle they manage to create many different supplies to sell without harming the environment. This is a good business because they help the environment by using in good use the plastic and they win money by selling their recycled products

3. Negative Impact

3.1. Pollution: There are many business that include burning fossil fuels that can harm the environment. Plastic bags also harm the environment.

3.2. Scam: Some business scam the sellers about their product or lie about what it really is. An example is that they talk about how good is a cleaner when it actually not works good.

3.3. Water Pollution: Waste disposals that some company create go to the sea and create water pollution. Killing many marine life, businesses affect a lot the marine life.

4. Negative Example

4.1. Pemex is one of the biggest air poluters in México. Mostly of their gasoline production goes to cars. When driving a car the gas is being emitted to the environment. Causing pollution. This is really bad for the environment but at the same time everybody needs gas to drive.