Indigenous Promotional Material

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Indigenous Promotional Material by Mind Map: Indigenous Promotional Material

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1.1. Digital

1.1.1. Need Someone to Manage

1.1.2. Social Media Facebook YouTube Instagram TikTok

1.1.3. TV Ads Costs a lot of money to run Ads

1.1.4. Apps

1.2. Paper

1.2.1. Pamphlets

1.2.2. Newspapers Ads Cheaper option Older Demographic Might appeal to schools more

1.2.3. Magazines Ads

1.2.4. Brochures

1.3. Sales Person

1.3.1. Door to Door

1.3.2. Traveling Around

1.3.3. Been around forever

1.3.4. Could get an aboriginal to walk town to town promoting the idea to schools Cheap Attract media attention

1.4. Online

1.4.1. Website Schools will find this more appealing More Professional and Trustworthy Information on the Idea Q&A Section

1.4.2. Social Media

2. Aboriginal Community

2.1. Culture

2.1.1. Deep Spiritual connection to the land and animals

2.1.2. The design must not be offensive to their culture or beliefs

2.1.3. Will not eat certain animals, this changes from tribe to tribe and person to person

2.1.4. Religon Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent

2.2. Traditional Food

2.2.1. Bush Tucker Kangaroo Berries Insects Emus Reptiles

2.2.2. Hunted Food

2.2.3. Gathered Berries

2.3. Colours

2.3.1. Red

2.3.2. Black

2.3.3. Yellow

2.3.4. Brown

2.3.5. Earthy Colours

2.4. Aboriginal

2.4.1. Indigenous To Australia "Been here for 60,000 years"

2.4.2. Flag Red Black Yellow