Deep Sea Creatures

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Deep Sea Creatures by Mind Map: Deep Sea Creatures

1. Frilled Shark

1.1. Is similar to the sharks

1.2. Have 25 terrifying rows of three-pointed teeth

2. Anglerfish

2.1. Can be up to 3.5 feet long

3. Goblin Shark

3.1. Ugliest animals in the world

4. Stargazer

4.1. Its eyes face upwards

5. Giant Squid

5.1. Lengths up to 59 feet and weigh almost a ton

5.2. Their eyes can be 10 inches in diameter

6. Blue-Ringed Octopus

6.1. Its bright colours makes it look friendly

7. Leafy Sea Dragon

7.1. Sea horses

7.2. Saquatic plants