How psychology works

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How psychology works by Mind Map: How psychology works

1. Article 3

1.1. Social Psychology: It is the study of relationships, friends and family. They can affect you positively or negatively.

1.2. Developmental Psychology: The genetic of your parents or how a child is learning a language.

1.3. Developmental Psychology: The genetic of your parents or how a child is learning a language

2. What is psychology

2.1. Article 1

2.1.1. Psychology is the study of besically how the brain works and how human think and react to certain things.

2.1.2. There is many type of psychology like biological, clinical and cognitive. Searchers are working on those aspects.

2.2. Article 2

2.2.1. The goal of psychology is to explain a behaviour a mental illness or a disorder.

2.2.2. The Behaviorist Approach: It is like when a dog is salivate when he hears the sound of his food bag The sound of the bag is the stimuli and the saliva is the reaction

2.2.3. The cognitive perspective: Is the same as a computer because, we are looking about what’s in the mind.

3. Why human brain/body is fantastic

3.1. Article 1

3.1.1. The fastest muscle of the body is the eye because, it can blinks 50 times per seconds.

3.1.2. The difference between cells and neurones. Neurones are like little soldiers who run into your system to transmet the information.

3.1.3. Goose bumps: Our ancestors had this reaction when there was a predator like a lion or a dangerous situation. We still have goosebumps to prevent us from dangers.

3.2. Article 2

3.2.1. The human brain is fantastic because, it is compared to a computer. The brain stuck many informations as a computer and after he analyses it.

3.2.2. Did you know that “Neurons send info to your brain at more than 150 miles (241 kilometers) per hour.”National Geographic

3.2.3. Cells live in a neuron it’s like their houses.

3.3. Article 3

4. How psychological reactions/feelings work

4.1. Article 1

4.1.1. Company/Marketing vs Hapiness: Companies or industries like McDonald use foods to procure you happiness. When you eat for exemple a burger. The sugar affects your body and you become excited and happy.

4.1.2. How the emotions work: It is not complicated. The way you’re going to react is associated to your personal experiences and past. Your body knows what makes you sad or angry.

4.2. Article 2

4.2.1. Trauma: People who have a trauma had experienced a crazy or affective situation.

4.2.2. How the body reacts to traumatic events: You may have panic attack, flashbacks, thoughts that makes you sad, difficulties to sleep and more..

4.3. Article 3

4.3.1. What is the difference between emotions and feelings: Emotions are based on your body reaction while feelings come after emotions.

4.3.2. What is a behavioural response: Besically it is the face you makes when you’re angry, sad or happy. It is the reaction of your face

5. If psychology didn’t exist..

5.1. If we didn’t have psychology

6. Maybe psychology..

6.1. Maybe in the future we will see

7. Introduction